Volunteers and Community Working to Enhance Health Care

Our citizens share a vision of a health care system sustained through a culture of generosity


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“Health care and essential workers have been the backbone of our community during these extremely challenging times. At our Tim Hortons restaurant in Markdale, we, along with 1,500 other restaurant owners across the country, have been donating to hospitals and local organizations as a way of saying thank you for everything they have done and continue to do. We hope our small gratitude of appreciation will continue to feed and fuel those who are supporting our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. As a member of this community, I am proud to see the construction on the new hospital site, stimulating renewed energy and community commitment. For those reasons I will be supporting the Together In Care campaign for the new hospital in Markdale.”
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A strong community hospital is only possible through strong community support message
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Together In Care

It’s our heritage
Hospital service in Markdale goes back a century when citizens united to create the first hospital in the area

It’s our track record
We invest in the health and well-being of family and friends, and in the collaboration that delivers better health across Grey Bruce.

It’s our nature
We are neighbours helping neighbours. We welcome visitors in distress. We see beyond town and county lines to act on what’s good for everybody.

It’s our vision
We are not short-term thinkers. Rather, we cherish the generations we haven’t even met. We work to build a dynamic community that will enrich peoples’ lives for decades to come.

It’s our commitment
When we have promises to keep, nothing stops us. We follow through. We persist. We educate, advocate and agitate to create the future we believe our community deserves.


Volunteers committed to enhancing health care for us all

The Centre Grey Health Services Foundation

In 1998 the hospital established the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation (CGHSF). Immediately it found well qualified and respected community leaders to serve as volunteers on its Board of Directors.

Our mission is to raise, manage and disburse funds to support and enrich quality health care for residents of and visitors to our community.

Centre Grey Health Services Foundation is one of five Foundations that continue to support Grey Bruce Health Services to raise funds for equipment, furniture, IT and education. Each year, the Foundation reaches out to its community to raise between $600,000 - $900,000 in order to keep our local and regional hospitals well equipped and functional.

Together in Care, the campaign for the new Markdale Hospital is sponsored and managed by Centre Grey Health Services Foundation.

A powerhouse of support

Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary

Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary In 1951, the Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary formed to shine a light on the need for community support to enhance health care.

Their first purchases were a toaster and a tea kettle for patients to use. Then, as now, the auxiliary’s mandate was to raise funds in order to provide needed capital items for the hospitals to ensure that patients and their families receive the best care possible.

In addition to fundraising, the auxiliary members provide numerous volunteer services within the hospital. Furthermore they work closely with Centre Grey Health Services Foundation to ensure that our hospital remains well equipped and functional.