Plans for the New Markdale Hospital

The creation of a brand-new rural hospital is a rare event in Ontario.

The new Markdale hospital is the result of the enduring commitment and hard work of volunteers and donors, civic leaders, elected officials, hospital staff, doctors, GBHS leadership, the Foundation, and other advocates and activists who kept the vision moving forward.

The new hospital will feature more space, stateof-the-art design and equipment for a procedures room to provide as much care as possible in ways that allow people to return home without a hospital stay.

The space we are creating is designed to let us respond to both evolving and sudden needs of the community. The inpatient spaces, the emergency room, the procedures space—all are being built so they can quickly adapt and respond to emergencies, disasters, outbreaks or even a pandemic.

The outcome will be dramatic- a new hospital that supports better care for everyone.

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  • 68,000 square-feet over 2 floors
  • Double the ambulatory care space
  • Larger exam rooms
  • Advanced emission control & air circulation
  • Better working conditions for staff
  • Larger ER, improved layout