Frequently Asked Questions

Who in the community is leading this campaign?
The fundraising campaign is run by the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation, which raises funds for health care in the area year in and year out. A group of volunteers has gathered to lead the campaign and seek support.

What is the goal of the campaign?
Our goal is $5.7 million. The total financial commitment from the community to the project was set years ago with the province and confirmed several times since at $12.5 million.

What specifically is that money paying for?
The money is going to all aspects of the project. The community is responsible for a portion of the construction costs and all of the furniture and equipment. Further, we also are committed to continuing to support the enhancement of health care in the Grey Bruce Health Services system, because thousands of local citizens need that care every year. So the financial goal for the campaign includes those commitments for the next two years.

Is the hospital family/staff supporting this fundraising initiative?
Yes. The Family Campaign is underway, and receiving an enthusiastic response.

Have area municipalities supported the project?
Yes, very much. The total allocated from the four involved municipalities is $3 million. That includes $1 million from Grey County already expended as land, and cash for site preparations and other work. The municipalities’’ contributions reduced the funding gap from $5.7 million to the campaign goal of $2.7 million.

Can I pledge money to this campaign over an extended time period?
Yes. We have suggested a pledge period of up to five years, to make it easier for you to give at the level you would like to reach.

Are there other ways to give beside cash or pledges?
Gifts of securities are welcome and may be advantageous to certain donors. As well, gifts of real property can benefit the campaign. Please ask the Foundation for details.

The Foundation will also gratefully receive gifts of life insurance. We also welcome discussion about how to arrange a bequest to benefit hospital care in the area, but insurance and bequests usually cannot be counted towards the campaign goal.

Will receipts for income tax purposes be issued for my donation?
Yes, all gifts to the Together in Care campaign qualify for charitable receipts for income tax purposes. All receipts will be issued by the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation.

Can I restrict my donation so that I know it only goes to the Markdale hospital build? (Does all the money stay in Markdale?)
No, not in a way that we can track and report to you. Gifts made to the campaign will be applied only to the total campaign project, but that includes some funds we would have asked you for in the next two years to support health care across the region.

What recognition will I get for my donation?
The Foundation is currently planning its recognition program, but gifts to the campaign of various levels will be recognized in appropriate public ways. Towards the end of the campaign, you will be asked for permission to include you in the public recognition.

What are the ‘naming opportunities’ for this campaign?
A number of naming opportunities are available at various gift levels. Please ask for the list and descriptions.

Will I get the same recognition if I pledged and paid during the earlier campaign?
All gifts made to the building of the new hospital, whenever made, will be recognized at the end of this campaign and on an equal footing.

Can community groups be recognized with a collective naming opportunity for contributions made by the group members?
Yes, if the individuals and businesses making gifts report to the Foundation that they are part of the group and want their gift counted with the group. (All gift amounts are confidential, so the Foundation cannot give details of individual gifts to any group.) If an individual or business makes a gift and chooses to take up a naming opportunity independent of the group, that gift would NOT be counted with other group members towards a group naming opportunity.